Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tokyo Skytree...


Another photo from my family trip to Tokyo - this time a photo of the "tallest Tower in the world" as certified by Guiness World Records in 2011.

Skytree is a whopping 634m High - inside the tower you can go as high as 451.2 m and have a panoramic view of Tokyo and the surrounding areas - breathtaking as you can imagine!

To take this photo, I had to walk a fair way back from the base of the Tower - as it is sooo tall, I wanted to capture as much of the top point of the tower as possible.

According to the brochure the 'roots' or the footings for the tower are 'piled to about 50m deep into the solid ground'.  Imagine the construction for a building like this!!

If you are interested in the 'construction' (hehe) of my layout please visit Wild About Scrap's Blog
for a list of the products and some basic instructions.

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