Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Organizing Scrap Leftovers

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Do you have a pile / folder/ drawer (whatever your filing system may be) of leftover pieces of card and paper?  I saw a fantastic idea (somewhere in the Pinterest world - thank-you if it was your idea originally!!) of how to organize your leftover pieces in the best way so that you are likely to actually use them (instead of just collecting them... hehe!).

I have always cut my leftover card to card size, and I have these stored in a plastic storage container so that I can just grab a card as I need, I keep the scraps (smaller than card size) in a set of drawers.

I was having issues with my paper.... I have always kept the leftovers in drawers and they had gotten so full - I was ruining them every time I added (Note added and not used!!!) some paper to the drawer - So now, I have cut the paper to card front size as well!!  Clever huh - I know, I know - it's not rocket science really....

This is how it looks so far...

If my leftover pieces were big enough I cut some of them into 6x6 squares, the others I cut to regular card size. Not sure how well you can see, I organize my products generally by colour, always in this order - blacks, browns, neutrals, greys and whites, then blues, then greens, then reds, then pink and purples and lastly oranges and yellows. I think I will also add colour dividers in the baskets to make it even easier to use the pieces (sorry - card fronts).  

Now, aren't you proud of me? - I used some of my card fronts straight away...  I even used more of my collection of pre-made purchased flowers... 

Exciting - now my leftover drawers are neat, tidy and not over-flowing and I have a great selection of card fronts ready to go!!

How do you organize your lefovers?? Do you store your products by colour?

See you soon

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