Thursday, 13 March 2014

Treasure Chest

Today I am sharing with you a chest which I have created.
Great for a special gift, or as a friend suggested, perfect as an Easter egg casket.

The base of the chest is an open box with a collar attached around the inside top and extending 1.5 cm. above the top. This is to hold the lid in place and to support the shape.

The lid is curved and has rounded ends and extends over the top and down the back which is attached to the back of the base.
When making the lid, the front section has to be attached to the ends first, then the curved section, and finally the back edges.
This is then attached to the back of the box base.

I have covered the chest with patterned paper (from my stash), then wrapped a ribbon round the top of the base section.
Tulle ribbon roses from Stampin'up are fixed round and over the lid sections.
I have used metallic paper to add a punched strip across the front base and scalloped oval and flower punched trim to the four corners. A rhinestone is added to the two front corners.
A silver foil embossed, die cut padlock (Spellbinders) is added to the front base with a small brass key

Flowers (from Petal loo), die cut leaves (also Spellbinders), bakers twine and rhinestones embellish the front and lid of the chest. I have tucked a couple of decorative pins, which I  made using headpins and acrylic beads, behind the  larger flower on the lid.

There are three rhinestones tucked into the lower right corner of the front lid.

I hope you have enjoyed today's visit and have found this project inspiring.
If you would like measurements or more details, please contact me

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