Saturday, 15 March 2014

Multi Media Canvas - Creating With Riss

Good Morning,

I have a fantastic project to show you, created by the beautiful and very talented Riss.  It is her version of the Finnabair Mixed Media / Multi Media Canvas.

There are so many elements to this beautiful canvas and of course not to mention many hours works involved in creating something so visually exciting!  First, Riss prepared the canvas by painting with Gesso, this acts as a primer for your paint / mists etc.  Then, chose her main image which is a cutout from a magazine.  After collecting elements from everywhere and I mean everywhere - (have a look closely - you will find stationery, things from the sewing box, things from the tool shed, money, keys.....) Riss then adhered all her goodies to the canvas using a hot glue gun - yes imagine the glue cobwebs on a project like this - I am sure those of you who have used a hot glue gun will know what I mean!!

Top Left corner.

Chipboards, peg, bottletop nest with beaded eggs, tap washers, flowers...

Bottom Left Corner.

Beads, Coils of chain, money, a magnet, a rivet, paperclips, a key .....

Top Right Corner.

Chipboard, hairclip, beaded lady beetle, lace with a buckle, flowers and beads .....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Bottom Right Corner.

Lace Doily, Tassel, paperclip, beads, wire and mesh dragonfly .... 

And the list goes on.. .. of the many, many elements Riss added to her Canvas.  After gluing everything into place, Riss then coated the whole canvas (Except for the image) with Gesso again - using a paintbrush to ensure that every surface was coated (especially in all the little fiddly places between elements).  She then coated her canvas with Mist which we created using Perfect pearls powder mixed with water and a slightly watered down acrylic paint (to make it more brushable into all the fiddly spots).  This required a couple of coats to build up the layers to the vibrant colour she wanted and then the drying time!!  

How amazing is this... one of those things you could look at for hours and still find things!
Happy Creating...

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