Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lady Beetle Addiction


Hehe - caught your interest with the title didn't I??  Who doesn't love Lady Beetles??  Some people call them Lady Bugs same thing....

Our Guest Designer - Riss - is highly addicted to Lady Beetles - she has pencil cases, pens, brooches, blankets, charms - lots and lots of Lady Beetleness (is that a word?) - she loves them!!!

Riss was 10 years old when she made this canvas - she has used a few different types of Beetles here - Charms, puffy stickers, wrapping paper and hand-drawn images of Beetles - fantastic! Love it, Love it!!

Riss created this canvas with a Multi Media style background - paper tearing and tissue paper to create texture, then added her collection of Lady Beetles.  The red, black and green really stand out against the neutral colours of the background.

How could you not love Lady Beetles - must be the red and black combination of colours!!


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