Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beaded Angels

Hello - another great day for crafting!!

Can you remember my previous post about my "Dark Angels"?  Following are some photos of some of my other Angels - yes I do have a collection!!  Ahh - so many beads so little time! (As they would say)........

Each of the Angels I have made for myself has a name - of course!  My Dark Angels are black, above left is  Blood Angel, above right -  Fire Angel, below left is Grandma Angel and below right (pink) - Pure Angel.

Now blogging about my Angels and their colours has made me think about when I created them - each Angel represents a part of who we are - blood, fire, darkness, pure ..... little bit deep and meaningful for early Sunday morning!!!  Grandma Angel is very special - I made her for my Grandmother - Grandma had given me a broken strand of beads from a necklace she wore to a wedding and I used these beads to make Grandma Angel.  I have also made Christmas Angels - green and red - these look amazing! Mmmm - might have to go and make a Snow Angel!!!!

These beautiful little girls are phone charms.  I made these using a head pin, two flower beads for the skirt, wings and a bead for their head. These are another great gift idea!
"As you travel life's winding road,
Angels light the way and share the load"
(Inspirational Quote - Author Unknown)
Love to all the Angels lighting your way as you travel your crafty road!

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